What are the landing pages? Landing pages Types.



What are the landing pages?

Landing pages are pages tailored to a campaign, with a single call to action. Sending visitors to a landing page that is customized to an ad creates a more compelling experience that’s far more likely to convert. Better yet, it improves your AdWords Quality Scores, lowering your cost per click to make ad budgets go further.

“Ads get traffic. Landing pages get conversions.”

Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategy at Clix Marketing


Landing Pages Types: -



Squeez page is known as a lead capture page the main use for it is to squeeze the information of the visitor like Name, phone number, and Email so you can target him later by sending matching offers that he might like and become a potential customer.


2-Long Form Landing Page

Long-form landingpages are like sales letters that explains the product details and repeat them over and over until the reader got convinced by the product or whatever you are offering the longer the visitor stays on these pages the potentially of buying is going high as well so make sure that pages be attractive and clean as much as you can


3-Click Through Landing Page

Click ThroughLanding Page is depending on the context to push people visiting the transaction page to click through landing pages leading them to a sale this page focusing and explains the product details and benefits.




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