Can You Really Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?



how to make money with affiliate marketing

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online as a beginner. In today's post, I will show you how you can really make money online from affiliate marketing.

Can you really make money from affiliate marketing? The answer is YES, you can really make money from affiliate marketing by learning these five skills. Read this post to an end. Remember to take note and take action.

Affiliate Marketing Skills for Beginners

1. Do Proper Niche Research 

Getting the right topic or niche to promote is a necessity in affiliate marketing, this is because choosing the right niche can lead you to success. A right niche or topic means you have enough skills and knowledge about the topic you are promoting. You must be able to educate and provide the right information to your audience. 

Affiliate marketing without being an influencer is possible by knowing your niche very well. Choosing your perfect niche helps you in defining your audience. A well defined-target audience means you are half way to success. You are going to make money from your affiliate marketing business and therefore taking the time to know your topic is always a good start. 

Aslo, proper niche research help your landing pages to be better found by search engines. SEO for affiliate marketing can be done properly when you have a perfect niche. once you know your niche, your audience are going to see you as an expect and that will help you convert visitors to paying clients.

However, if you chose this wrong, you won't be able to nature your audience into paying customers and you won't be able to make money with affiliate marketing business.

These are some of the Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing in 2022

  • Health and Fitness
  • Wealth Building 
  • Technology
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Lifestyle 
  • Hobby
  • Pet Care
  • Travel
Now that we know our Niche or topic, let's dive into the next affiliate marketing skills that can really help you make money online.

2. Find a Good Product

You can really make a good money with affiliate marketing if you have a good and high converting offer. once you are able to do proper research about your niche, you will know best converting products in your niche. Your product is going to be the solution that your target audience are looking for. Once you do your niche research right, you are going to get a good offer that will help your target audience solve their problem. For instance, you chose Email Marketing as your Niche, you are going to select  products like Getresponse, ActiveCampaign, etc. 

If you don't know about your product, it means you do not know what your audience want and that means you are not going to make money with affiliate marketing. Your product must solve a problem that your audience are facing. Great job! Once you have your audience and your affiliate product lets move on to the next step.

Where to Find A Good Affiliate Marketing Product

  • Clickbank
  • WarriorPlus
  • Getresponse Affiliate Program
  • ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

3. Create a Blog

Start affiliate marketing blog to grow your target audience. A perfect affiliate marketing blog will help you engage your target audience and convert them to affiliate sales. 

Once you have set up a blog, you can write search engine optimised articles that is going to get you tons of free traffic. You can also start building your list and that will help you 10x your profit. Once you start building your list, you can email your list with different offers and other freebies to even make more money with affiliate marketing.

You can create a free google blogger blog and start your affiliate marketing blog. You can also create a wordpress blog at a small budget, usually around $100 fee. Now the biggest problem with beginners in starting affiliate marketing is TRAFFIC! That will take us to our fourth point.

4. Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Offer

How to get traffic to your affiliate marketing offers is the most difficult part for most beginners. You have done a good research, you have a winning product, and you have created your blog, now its time to drive your target audience to visit your blog and see your offer. 

It is very sad to spend time and research your topic, find a product, create a blog and write content and only to realise that nobody visit your blog. You need to drive traffic to your blog to make money with your affiliate offers. 

How to Drive Traffic To Affiliate Blogs

  • Write Search Engine Optimized Articles 
  • Create Social Media Pages and write and post engaging content
  • Pay for traffic using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc
Quality traffic is very important to your affiliate marketing business and this means that you need to spend time in learning SEO which takes time but very organic, how to run free and paid Advertising on social media to get your blog to be seen by your targeted audience. Once you start getting the traffic the final step to take to make money from affiliate marketing is CONVERSIONS.

5. Conversions

Conversions means making money. Simple! 

Why do you need to track your conversions? Its simple, you need to know which banner brought in that sale? which article is bringing in the sales? which advert is making you the most sales? which social media platform gets more sales? and which article is not making the sales, so that you can work on your SEO to improve your conversion.

Tracking your conversion is very important, imagine you have 50 articles on your blog and only 10 articles are bringing in the sales, it means when you are running paid ads, you should concentrate on these 10 performing articles. Tracking conversions help you reduce cost and make more money from affiliate marketing.

This is the road map to starting and making money online with affiliate marketing as a beginner, there is no easy, get rich quick or softwares to make money with affiliate marketing. Remember to follow this road map to start affiliate marketing as a beginner. 

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