How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Audience



How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Audience ( Step By Step Guide to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing As A  Beginner Without Followers)

Starting affiliate marketing without an audience can be more challenging. Having the right Audience is the key to making money with affiliate marketing. In today's post, I will share with you some tips and guides to starting affiliate marketing as a beginner with no audience. 

Let's dive into how to start affiliate marketing with no audience. Can you do affiliate marketing without a website? YES, you don't really need a website, to start affiliate marketing, I am going to show you the best tips and tricks to start affiliate marketing without followers. Take note and take action today. Keep reading to the end so that you don't miss any steps.

1. You Need a Good Product

A good product is all you need to begin your affiliate marketing journey. A good product is a product that helps your target audience in solving a particular problem. If your product can solve a problem that your target customer is facing, then you have a good product. Once people buy a product your a promoting you will generate a commission. 

You can visit,, and and select a product. In today's post, we will use  for this tutorial. Head on to and sign up for an account if you don't have one. Once you sign up, click on the marketplace and go to E-Business & E-Marketing Category and select a product by gravity. See attached screenshots.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Audience
Once you have your affiliate link, save it in a notepad, and let's proceed to the next step to start affiliate marketing with no audience and without a website. Also, note that this method works fast in the make money online niche. that's E-Business & E-Marketing category as seen in the above screenshots.

Now what we are going to do right now after getting our ClickBank affiliate product link is that we are going to use a FREE TOOL most people don't know about it. It is called...

2. Visit and search for best books on how to make money online as shown below,

best books on how to make money online

In the screenshot above you realised that there are 30 monthly search results for this keyword, meaning about 30 people are searching for the best books on how to make money online. That's simple. These people are ready to buy your products. Now that we have our keyword and are assured that people are already searching for our product, let us dive into the next step...

2. Go to 

When you visit this website, you can find books and articles. Click on books and you are going to have access to over 10 million best-selling books in all different niches. What you are gonna do is to search for best books on how to make money online, you will see tons of ebooks on how to make money online. Just click on any of the books that is available for download and download it. now let's go to another powerful website called...

3. Visit

Create a free account and upload your downloaded pdf to the site. And in a few minutes, I will show you how to start affiliate marketing with no audience. What sodapdf does it that it allows you to edit pdf documents for free online? Edit the PDF document you downloaded from and edit it with your personal information. Remember to enter your affiliate links on every page of your PDF documents. That's it!

Now how do we get people to download our edited PDF documnent ....Let's go.

4. Upload your edited pdf document to google drive

Once it is uploaded to your google drive follow the screenshot below and get your downloadable link...

That means anyone who has access to the link can download the ebook and start to read the book with our affiliate links inside it.

Now we have free ebook that is incredibly valuable for people who are interested in making money online and we have our affiliate links in this ebook that is going to help our people make money online for free. The last step in this guide is to get targeted people asking for this book. Simple! So what I recommend for you is to go to ...

5. Go to Facebook and search groups under your niche.

Go to facebook and on your profile, search for Make Money Online Groups. Make sure you search for bigger groups with active members over 10K with at least 10+ posts per day. Once you are in the groups, make a post using the template below;

how to make money with facebook groups

Once you make this post, a lot of people interested in making money are going to message you and once they do, you can send them your google drive link to your edited PDF document, and boom! Once they read and find the content valuable, they are going to visit your affiliate link and chances are a lot of they are going to pay for your affiliate offer and you will make an affiliate commission.

I really hope you enjoy this step-by-step strategy to start affiliate marketing with no audience and make money online for free. 

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See you again in our next post. 

To your success.

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