How To Measure SEO Performance and Results (SEO)



Standards For measuring the effective of improvement process

·      First of all, we should use the proper tools for analyzing and the most important tools to be used for this purpose is Google analytics and Google search console.

The most important factors to measure the effective of search engines improvements

1. specify our marketing targets and put our own standard for measuring the effective of the improvements as this stander are not the same in all activities for example

- A dental clinic needs to know how many patients booked an appointment using the form from clinic website.

- Another one maybe wanted to how many users had been contacted with him through the website.

- online store wants to how many customers completed a purchase process through the online store.

And so on …………””””

So, it depends on what we need to analyze.


2. Create the targets using Google analytics and it’s called “Goals” and then track how many times these goals had been achieved through the visits of search engines.


3.Tracking the main keywords that we are targeting and make sure that we are get improving in ranking in sustainable.


4. Comparing the results with previous ones and start editing and improving to know the effective of what we have done.


Briefly the improvement process is three things

(Improvements - measuring - learning) 


-analytics tools helps us to know our real time performance and keywords performance as well but it doesn’t give us a clear idea about the potentials that we can take advantage of it from search engines so we should always do search about new main keywords and tags, trying it and tracking it’s results and affection as well by knowing the locations of our ranking according to these keywords.

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