SEO Images and tags optimization.


  Images and tags optimization. 

SEO for images

Images is one of the most important things that people are doing search on it on the internet, so we must use it and optimize it this give it a high potentially to show up in Google images which will lead to our website once it had been clicked


How to optimize e the image

1.    Rename the image by a name describing its content and contains the keyword.

2.  Decrease image size and keeping it in good quality at the same time we can do this using tinypng tool also you can use the professional photo editing software like photo shop or Canva and it’s better to Save it in jpg format it’s lite

3.    Add alternate text it’ very important to add alt text to the image and it’s for two reasons

            A-Helping the search engines to understand the image content

       B- In case of the image is unavailable due technical issues or loading issues the alt text will show up instead of the image and it’s much better than keeping it as error or empty space.


Try to analyze the pages that you are searching on it and apply the

SEO factors that they are using on your own page  

Tags optimization

Tags optimization is one of the most important things that we should consider it because it helps of showing more details and specifications in search results.

If you are a WordPress user there is an amazing extension you can add to your backend in this extension you add the page URL and the keywords it will appear in search results and will not appear in page URL

This tool is YOSAT SEO

And this how to add it: plugins/add new/search for Yoast SEO /install now.

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