Your guide to Google certificated courses for multiple careers FOR FREE



Your guide to Google certificated courses for multiple careers FOR FREE

Google has announced the availability of  40 online courses in

 different careers for 3:6 months and it’s certificated by Google  this

 certificate equals  4 years college certificate

Here’s a list of the available courses which you can get it

1- Data analytics:-

Google said that there are 15000 job opportunity in the USA itself for data analytics which is already their work by an average of $63000 per year and in this path which contains 7 courses will lead you to enter this amazing world.



2- IT support:-

In this path, Google will give you two options to choose

A- if you need to start from the beginning he will take you to the basics, networks, operating systems in 5 courses

B- if you already have the experience they will give you 6 courses will teach you python, git, GitHub and will teach you how to automate your work



3- project management:-

Based on the information from the project management institute that by 2027 there will be 2.2 million opportunity for project management Google said that this path will be 6 courses will help you to know the required tools and skills to be a professional one



4- user experience (UX):-

Based on Google that the salaries of UX designers will be increased by time and the beginner designer will earn $82000 per year in the next 7 courses you will learn the expressions , tools and after you finish the projects you can mention them in your portfolio


5- Android programing using Kitlon :-

In this course, you don’t need to have any previous programming experience or background because you will learn from scratch.


Here is the steps to get coursera financial Aid

Firstly if you are using mobile you should activate Desktop mood

After signing up to coursera and creating you accounte

-select the path wich you will enroll in

You will find financial aid option beside course name like in the photo




And then this window will pop up telling you that it might take 15days for approvale

Just click on continue to the application

Accepet sharing information

Type the sentence in the box


Fill you persomal information which is related to the finantial status



Now you have to answer  3 question and don’t worry I will give you the answers just replace the information to be yours

First question: “Why are you applying for financial aid?” (minimum 150 words)

Answer :

I am currently a student at (       ) School/college and I have a deep interest in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I often read the popular blogs like Towards Data Science etc. However I feel I lack the understanding of the basics of ML and hence I am not able to comprehend the articles very well. So I want to do a course that covers the fundamental topics of this field.

Being a student, I have no income of myself. I could have done internships and use the stipend to pay for this course, but currently my personal and college expenses are already very high which leaves behind a very small amount as savings.

With my deep interest in the field, I don’t want to lose out the opportunity to learn, just because I am unable to pay the amount. It is a great initiative by Coursera to have a financial aid option, and hence I would like to request a financial waiver for this course.


Second question: “How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals?

 (minimum150 words)

Answer :

It is no doubt that( course name )opens up lots of opportunities for one’s career. The field took off in the 2010s and has been growing ever since. ML experts and Data Scientists are some of the most well paid jobs in the world.

I plan to use this course to improve my knowledge about the ( course name ). I plan to eventually specialise in Deep Learning after having learnt and practiced the basics well enough. I read that this course also includes several practice assignments and a project, doing which would be immensely beneficial to the improvement of my practical skills in this area.

Completing this course would also provide me the confidence to dive deep into ( course name )and take on further challenging assignments. All of this would greatly help me in achieving my career goals in future and also help me in eventually getting a (the required job )

Third question: Would you like to take a non interest loan?


Answer :

Answer ‘No’ to this.

Final question: Why would you not opt for a zero interest loan?

Answer :

I still have several years of education ahead of me for which I and my parents have to pay. It would

 be an additional and considerable expense to pay back the loan amount, due to which I am

 seeking a complete waiver.






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