SERP Search Engine Results Page and keywords





Search Engine Results Page:


Search Engine Results Page contains two types of results

·       Paid results and it’s appeared in the top and down section of results it reaches up to 4 ADS in top and 3 ads in the bottom

·       Original results and it’s consisted of






Now we will shift to very important step Keywords  


What are the Keywords?

What are the types of Keywords?  


·       Keyword is a word or a group of words the user types it in Search Box.


·       Types of keywords

1.    One word and the results be related to as an expression like if you search about (SPORT).

2.    Two words or more (Benefits of sport) the results of search will come like the importance of sport to the body and health.

3.     Three words or more this case is famous by LONGTAIL KEYWORD (what is the perfect time to do sport?)


The Most Important Advantages of Keywords



1.    To be related to the website content.

2.    To be specific and not general preferred to be 3 words or more. (LONG TAIL KEYWORD).

3.    Search on it as much as you can on different search engines.

4.    Make sure the competition on that word is low. Avoid the high competition words.

How to Find the Keywords   


Actually, there are some Free tools you can use to find the proper keywords



·      Use Keyword Tool is free online keyword research instrument that uses Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords for any topic.

·      Use Google trends tool  this free tool from Google will show the trends and will let you know many details about what people searching on for different times and worldwide

·      Use a tool which count the times of search on the keyword that you are going to use this tool is Keyword planner From Google Ads

·      Use All in title strategy like in the picture below

Type in Google search box allintitle:” type your title here”

Stay tuned for more about SEO make sure to follow up .


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