Search on the internet like never before



Search on the internet like never before



We all use Google daily in our search and almost we get back empty hands or we get the results after a big effort so is there is a solution or an easy way to search easily and more usefully

The answer is definitely yes in this article I will provide you with 10 search engines that will change your life and your online search it’s more accurate and more professional.


1. refseek.


  It’s a search engine for academic sources providing it by very easy way from books, magazines, and news.


2. WorldCat.


Simple search engine searching in 20000 libraries and contains 2B source and also you can find the nearest library for you.


3. Springer.


 Search engine contains Tons of sources in different scientific fields Articles ,papers , conferences and chapters of books.


4. Microsoft Academic.

   It has a lot of Research results for Academic professors and it’s always up to date.



5. Ethos.


  Search engine contains over 500.000 master’s thesis in all since.


6. Research paper’s in Economics


   Search engine contains over 2M Research in Economic and related since.


7. Since. gove


  Scientific Search engine sponsored by USA Government contains more than 2000 scientific website and more than 200M paper.


8. Pdfdrive


  The biggest and best website for downloading books I PDF format contains more than 200M book ready to download.

9. ISEEK Education


 Search engine for students and teachers contains a trusted subject material


 10. Base Search


  The best academic search engine %70 of the documents are free.








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